Our investment approach is driven by a combination of advanced quantitative analysis, rigorous fundamental research, sound risk management, and sophisticated technology platform. To identify the best ideas for our investment strategies, we rely on the insights and innovation of our disciplined and dedicated team whose single goal is to achieve a superior and consistent performance for our clients and investors.

Our investment process has evolved and been tested in virtually every market environment. We integrate top-down views to anticipate market and economic trend with bottom-up perspectives for our security selection process and portfolio construction.

Passion and Hardwork

In the pursuit of successful investments, brilliant investment ideas must be accompanied with hard work. Our team has the drive, diligence, and genuine passion toward performance. These combination of traits delivers the best results to our clients.

Planning and Testing

Our research team meticulously re-test and evolve our investment approaches accordingly. Being prepared for a diverse range of outcomes enables us to respond faster in any market environment.


Our team do not work in competitive silos, but we believe in close collaboration between our people, sharing ideas, working together to achieve the common goal: serving our clients better.

Information Advantage

Information may be available to everyone, but few are able to translate information into investable portfolio effectively. Our team has extensive knowledge on extracting meaningful information into alpha generation process to create a superior risk-adjusted performance for our clients.

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