Buying Pine Shares is easy

Pine Shares is an ETFs that trade on an exchange like a stock. They provides transparent, low cost, and efficient way to invest your money.

There are 2 mechanism to purchase Pine Shares ETFs:

Primary Market

  1. dealerPurchase directly through our Dealer participant (Indopremier Securities)
  2. add accountJust open an account at Indopremier Securities and you can directly by Pine Shares ETFs in IPOT
  3. customer servicePlease contact your IPOT customer service at or call +62 21 57931200

Secondary Market

Pine Shares ETFs trade on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). They can be purchased through any brokerages. Buying and selling Pine Shares ETFs works in the same way as listed shares.
  1. 1. Pine Shares can be purchased and sold any time during IDX trading hours
  2. 2. Pine Shares are priced on the exchange in trading, meaning: Please contact your stockholder to find out more. As with any listed shares, brokerage commissions may apply

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