Pinnacle Sharia Money Market Fund

Pinnacle Sharia Money Market Fund

Risk Meter

Low High

Management Style

Passive Active

Investment Approach

Combines a fundamental, bottom-up process with quantitative strategy in order to maximise risk-adjusted return while seeking to mitigate portfolio risk. Our strategy is solidly based on years of academic research and we invest in source of returns that have been proven to work in the world in Indonesia.

Investment Objective

Pinnacle Sharia Money Market Fund is a sharia open-end fund incorporated in Indonesia. The fund objective is to obtain high level of current income with focus on preservation of principal and liquidity. The fund invests 100% of asset in sharia money market instrument and short term debt securities with maturity less than 1 (one) year that comply with sharia regulations.


Portfolio Allocation

Key Facts

As of 31 March 2024

Fund Size IDR 4.2 B
Fund Type Sharia Money Market
Inception Date 2 February 2018
Currency IDR Rupiah
Min. Init. Investment IDR 100,000
Subscription Fee Max. 0.00%
Redemption Fee Max. 0.00%
Switching Fee Max. 0.00%
Management Fee (p.a) Max. 1.50%
Custodian Bank  DBS
Custodian Fee (p.a) Max. 0.25%
ISIN Code IDN000323508

Top 5 Holdings

As of 31 March 2024

Sukuk Ijrh Bkljt II SPINDO
Sukuk Ijrh Bkljt IV Global Mediacom
Sukuk Mdrbh Bkljt II Indah Kuat Pulp & Paper
Sukuk Mdrbh II Oki Pulp & Paper Mills
TD Bank Aladin Syariah

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