(Pinnacle Indonesia Large Cap ETF)

(Pinnacle Indonesia Large Cap ETF)

Risk Meter

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Management Style

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Investment Approach

The Pinnacle Indonesia Large Cap ETF (XPLC) is a revolutionary ETF that combines the benefits of active management and passive management. The advantages of XPLC comes from a smart blend from active and passive management, which are

  • Active Management
    • Capturing source of returns previously available to active management.
  • Passive Management
    • Systematic investing.
    • Transparency. We share our portfolio list every day.
    • Lower cost.

Investment Objective

The fund aims to provide optimum growth on the value of instruments in equity securities with large capitalization rates traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The fund invests 80% – 100% in equity securities and 0% – 20% in domestic money market instruments.


Portfolio Allocation

Key Facts

As of 31 January 2023

Fund Size IDR 0.24 B
Fund Type ETF
Listing Date 13 June 2017
Exchange Code XPLC
Trade Exchange IDX
Currency Rupiah
Subscription Fee Broker Fee
Redemption Fee Broker Fee
Management Fee Max. 3.50%
Custodian Bank  BCA
Custodian Fee Max. 0.25%
ISIN Code IDN000289709
Bloomberg Ticker XPLC.IJ

Top 5 Holdings

As of 31 January 2023

Ticker Name
ADRO Adaro Energy Tbk
AMRT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk
ASII Astra International Tbk
BBCA Bank Central Asia Tbk
BBNI Bank Negara IndonesiaTbk

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